About us

We manufacture Rotary Punch Machine.

Due to developing market conditions and dynamics, our company constantly renews himself. Following this direction, the Rotary Punch R&D project started by our company in 2013 has resulted in success, and the Rotary Punch machine capable of punching metal sheets with thickness between 1 to 1.5 mm and width up to 710 mm at a speed of maximum 24m/min has been produced.

Our machine production works are focused on establishing a metal cable tray production facility.

And again, our company conducting business in electrical engineering field since 1992, has started metal cable tray production in 2000 and provides cable support system solutions ever after. With the power and confidence acquired from his customers, our company has given the sector a new impetus.

Our company, which is mentioned in many big and successful projects in Turkey and abroad, has adopted the purpose and principle of solving the requests and suggestions from his customers on the basis of mutual satisfaction.

Our company conducts business with the principle of 3S (Sensitive, Speedy, Strong).

“As Sensitive as Butterfly, as fast as Cheetah and as strong as Elephant”