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Rotary Punch Clamping Profile Perforation

Product Code: KPDS

-This machine is designed and produced for the perforation of the metal clips that are used to strengthen the edge trims with our patented rotary punch technology to enhance production speed and energy conservation.

-This is our machine used to manufacture metal clips inserted into edge trims which are used in variety of applications ranging from vehicle to home.

  • Perforation width                           35 mm
  • Production speed                           1-24 m/min (Speed can be extended to 50m/min)
  • Perforation thickness                    0,3 and 0.5 mm
  • Motor and drive units                   1,5 kW tree-phase  AC Motor (GAMAK) with Speed Control (DELTA)
  • Die material                                     2379 Böhler brand Steel with 59±1 HRC stiffness
  • Machine dimensions                     80x60x100 cm 
  • Approximate weight                     200 kg