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Rotary Punch Cable Tray Production Line

Product Code: TD18800
Product Groups: Rotary Puch TD18800

  •  Rotary Punch TD18800

  • Machine size                                                                2,00 m * 2,50 m * 1,50 m
  • Perforation width                                                         10-33 cm
  • Production speed                                                         1-24 m/min
  • Perforation thickness                                                   1-1.5 mm
  • Motor and drive Units                                                  22 kW A.C motor with Speed control units
  • Die material                                                                    2379 Böhler brand Steel with 60 HRC stiffness
  • Control Panel                                                                 Available
  • Remote Error Detection                                              Available
  • Rotary Punching Machine perforates sheet metal width 10 to 190 cm, thickness  1 mm to 1.5 mm  at a speed of 24 m / min.  Our machine is preferred due to its high speed and low energy capabilities in cable tray production and fabrication  lines. Thanks to the high and precision technology used in the manufacturing of the machine, it is thought that it will be used without any problem and without the need of qualified personnel for many years. Due to its patented technology, in the production of roll forms and decoilers and cable duct production lines; sec is very suitable for processing and drilling lines and offers many advantages. In the production and fabrication of cable tray, rotary punch machine is used instead of eccentric press, hydraulic press and lamination press. The die material of our rotary press is Böhler brand.