Producing Rotary Punch Machine

Producing Rotary Punch Machine

-Production system is fully automated, and the units works in sync. Speed of the straightener, shearing frequency of the metal sheet shearing unit etc. change depending on the production speed.

-Does not cause noise pollution as it works silent. Machine size is smallest among its counterparts with the same capabilities. Therefore, it can be used on the upper floors of a factory building.

-Male and female dies are modular and can be used interchangeably or can be replaced with the new ones. (An extra row of male and female dies will be given as spare parts)

-The Removal of one male die pin takes half a minute, and another half a minute for reassembling. There is no setup-time for Light/heavy-duty cable trays with 50 mm and 100 mm side heights. For Light/Heavy-duty cable trays with 40 mm & 60 mm side heights, upgrading the width of the tray (e.g. from 200 mm width to 300 mm width) requires removal of 18 male pins and reassembly of another 18 male pins which takes approximately 15 minutes. Metal sheet inputting adjustments take 10 minutes, and 15 minutes for adjustments of sheet sweeping apparatus. Total upgrade setup takes 40 minutes.

-Male pin removal pliers is included in the package for upgrading operations.

-Rotary punch machine can perforate 1500-meter-long coil in an hour. Actual production can be monitored on the control panel.

-Details such as slip amount between cylinders and backlash between cylinders can be monitored on the control panel.

-Die Sharpening Apparatus: Overworn male & female dies are sharpened using this apparatus which is installed on the machine facing the dies when required. Sharpening operation requires 0.25 mm (normal wearing) of the male pins to be grinded. Total grindable size of the male pins is 4 mm, which makes it a total of 16 sharpening operation.

-Our machine production works are focused on establishing a metal cable tray production facility.

-With the goal of fast production and least energy consumption, bracket production line, suspension system production line, etc. are in our machine construction scope.